Tooth Extractions in Monroe, WI

tooth extraction is sometimes necessary to improve a patient’s oral health.

Why Tooth Extraction

Disease, crowding, and damage are all reasons that your dentist may recommend extracting one or more teeth. Sometimes, extractions are required prior to orthodontic treatment to make space for the other teeth. Other times, a tooth might be damaged so badly from decay or trauma that restorative treatment would be ineffective. In these cases, extraction may be the only option.

What Is a Tooth Extraction?

An extraction is a relatively simple procedure that usually only requires one office visit. Your dentist will make sure you are comfortable and relaxed before performing the extraction, and you should feel no pain during the procedure.

The particulars of your procedure will depend on how many teeth you are having extracted at once. For example, many of our younger patients opt to have all of their wisdom teeth extracted at the same time. In this case, the patient will likely require sedation and a longer appointment time. Under these circumstances, the patient will need someone to drive them home after treatment and will need assistance until the sedation fully wears off.

However, if a patient needs only one tooth extracted, it may only require local anesthesia, in which case, they can drive home immediately afterwards.

Your doctor will explain the details of your treatment plan and help you prepare before your procedure.

tooth extraction may become necessary for any number of reasons, but it is nothing to fear. With the proper preparation and after-care, you will be eating and drinking like normal and back to your regular routine in no time.

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